What is Careme Home Tutor?

Careme Home Tutor launched on 2019 to easily find home tuition for every class up to university level, it is an online home teacher or trainers booking platform that connects professional teachers and trainers to the students in all the cities of Pakistan. Teachers and students can easily register in our website to use the services.


Can I register as teacher if I not have teaching experience?

Yes! You can register as teacher if u not have teaching experience but you must have at least graduation or Post-graduation degree or currently studying as student. Teachers with experience have more chances of booking due to student’s preference.


Is there rating and reviews for teachers?

Yes! Students have the right to give reviews and ratings between 1 to 5 star about the teacher after taking a booked class to recommend other students and to enhance excellent services of our Careme Home Tutor website.

Can student cancel tuition after booking of teacher?

Yes! But student must follow and accept our cancelation policies.

All students should know that all classes will be confirmed if payment is done or not after booking, email will be received to both student and teacher containing all details about teacher and user as name, time, date and location. Teacher and student can cancel any booking before 48 hours of specific time of period with appropriate reason otherwise Careme Home Tutor will refund payment may be in full or partial by deducting up to 20 percent commission of providing the services. If Teacher class any booking class before 48 hours of specific time of period with appropriate reason, student will get refund of fee or an alternate teacher would be provided for home tuition.

Can teacher or student share personal contact with each other?

No! Careme Home Tutor has the right to block or delete student and teacher, who is not following our Private Policy and sharing contact details with the student or teacher direct. Upon signing up Student and Teacher’s phone, email is kept private so they should communicate through Careme Home Tutor admin only if necessary.

How many days a teacher must teach in a week?

This depends on the teacher’s availability, he can choose his selected days and time in a week or all 7 days in a week. We recommend at least 4 days in a week for each student and 2 hours each class including weekend. Teachers can change their days and time in their profile according to the student’s requirement.

How a teacher or trainer gets his weekly or monthly fee?

Careme Home Tutor, students pay their monthly or weekly fee in advance to admin’s bank account / Jazz Cash/ Telenor Easy Paisa or by cash to the tutor, but before payment should contact the Careme Home Tutor helpline 03000225788 by call or Whatsapp. Admin payback to the teacher by any of the above methods to teacher’s account after deducting our 17 % service charges within 7 working days’ maximum.

Can a student see teacher or trainer’s location on google map?

Yes! Student can see the location of each teacher or trainer near to him and can book him in less fee if he or she is specialized in his required subject.

Are the home tutors and trainers are verified?

Yes! All the Careme Home Tutors and trainers are verified by confirming their mobile No. by using One Time Password OTP and also by confirming email address. We also cross verify the tutors by taking online video call interview. Moreover, we also take CNIC and higher degree scan copies in our database for our verification before sending to student’s home. Parents should also verify the teacher by taking CNIC copy from him.