Terms and Conditions


  1. General Terms Outline

Careme Home Tutor is an online based web platform that connects professional teachers and trainers to the students in all the cities of Pakistan, Careme Home Tutor launched in 2019. Our website use cookies for private policy and both teachers and students should accept our terms and conditions.

This is a legal agreement between all contacted persons as ‘teachers’, ‘you’ and ‘coaches’ with owners and operators who are providing you all activities and services of Careme Home Tutor website.
All services will be offered by coaches and teacher. It is right of owner to change any rule and regulation of the website but we’ll show any change on the top of the page with all terms and conditions and this change will effect immediately. You should use the services with change as mentioned in terms on that date.

  1. Registration Requirements

You can use its all services when u register yourself according to the given rules with all terms and conditions that are applicable. You should provide and maintain true, accurate, and current information when you registered yourself in Careme Home Tutor website.

Your Registration data and other information we ‘ll keep in privacy as your phone number and email etc. If you do not have CNIC card, then you can use all services under the guardian of your parents or other senior of your family.

  1. Use of Service

You should not use technical tools to download the photos or data from the Careme Home Tutor website which is property of the owner, teachers and it’s partners. When you create your profile you can upload images on Careme Home Tutor website. You will personally responsible to upload your content and Careme Home Tutor will see and check your all content if suitable or not. Careme Home Tutor will not allow to upload any content that have copyright, trademark, or any other applicable rights.



  1. Booking Services
    • Careme Home Tutor provides very excellent services to the users of Pakistan but it will not be responsible for any misuse and wrong attitude of any outsider as between teachers, coaches and students. We are trying our best effort to provide best work and prevent this misshapes.
    • Careme Home Tutor is not an educational institute which provide certificates and any type of diploma. It is a website system which provides a platform to users who can book teachers or trainers by student for any available session.
    • Careme Home Tutor provides multiple educational lessons in which some are skills and some are learning subjects in whole Pakistan cities. Careme Home Tutor is a plate form in which you can book its provided services, Careme Home Tutor will manage its payment methods and services for Users and Coaches. When anyone want to use its services, he or she must register as a teacher or a student. Careme Home Tutor will declare if teachers or coaches are certified or not certified but If any one registered without certificate he will be shown as uncertified coach until he proved it by uploading official certificate. After cross check a certified profile will be updated by Careme Home Tutor which will reflect on the profile page of that coach that providing the service.
    • Teachers can charge any economical prices for providing the teaching and training services according to daily class (2 hours) or weekly classes and monthly classes. Users or students should complete the booking service on the given platform of Careme Home Tutor website, students should be agreed with given services of teacher and can pay in advance to our bank account / Jazz Cash/ Telenor Easy Paisa or by cash to the tutor but before payment should contact the Careme Home Tutor helpline 03000225788 by call or Whatsapp.
    • When user or student confirm any booking, teacher will receive an alert by email from Careme Home Tutor and Whatsapp that containing all information about booking service. It is compulsory for teacher to visit at student’s location for providing teaching services to complete the payment transaction. If teacher will not provide a service at student’s location then payment transaction will not be made if not show reasonable explanation, or cancel when no notice prior to 48 hours. Please refer to the section 5 for more information on the Cancellation policy.
    • A user or student should have CNIC card as that person is responsible for bookings, location of class and fee payment. Parents or guardians should have the knowledge about all the class timings, place and they should see all the class activities. Parents or guardians should notice any misconduct or any danger surrounding the student especially if student or teacher is female then monitor it and instantly report to Careme Home Tutor helpline to take action.
      This is compulsory to ensure that the student is mature and his/her age has more than 18 years if less parents or guardian can sit near the student. Careme Home Tutor will not be responsible of any misbehavior between student and teacher.
    • Every teacher and student should accept all the terms and conditions of Careme Home Tutor before signing up. Teacher and student can cancel any booking before 48 hours of specific time of period otherwise Careme Home Tutor will refund payment may be in full or partial by deducting 17 percent commission of providing the services and please follow to the Cancellation Policy in Section 5 below for further details.
  1. Pricing and Cancellation Policy
  1. Careme Home Tutor is providing much easy policy for selecting the teacher’s fee. Teachers can ask any competitive fee according to their experience, qualification and location. Students are advised to prefer the experience and qualification of teachers before booking them for better learning experience.
  2. Careme Home Tutor will try our best to provide all reliable and correct contents about teachers and coaches for providing best services.
  3. Careme Home Tutor not liable for any wrong information that is inaccurate on the web platform by registered teachers or coaches.
  4. All students will accept that Careme Home Tutor platform provides all the best teaching services at home as possible, but we not provide guarantee of students for best result and sure success.
  5. All students should know that all classes will be confirmed if payment is done or not after booking, email will be received to both student and teacher containing all details about teacher and user as name, time, date and location. Teacher and student can cancel any booking before 48 hours of specific time of period with appropriate reason otherwise Careme Home Tutor will refund payment may be in full or partial by deducting up to 17 percent commission of providing the services.
  6. Careme Home Tutor has the right to block or delete student and teacher who is not following our Private Policy and sharing contact details with the student or teacher direct. Upon sign up Teacher’s phone and email will not be public.
  7. Careme Home Tutor will pay the teachers in their bank account or Jazz Cash/Easypaisa account within 7 days after receiving the payment from student.
  8. Careme Home Tutor never allows teacher to disturb or shout with any student from his/her behavior or torture any student by any type of punishment. Parents or students should report these acts to our helpline 03000225788
  9. Copyright notice

We own the rights to protect and reserve all the material published on the site and nobody can download or copy any data without permission. Nobody use our website for fraud, illegal or spam activities.

  1. Acceptable Use
  2. Careme Home Tutor are providing the website services for 99.9 percent of the up time but in case of any technical fault or upgrade we can restrict the users to access the site at any time.
  3. We can also use the email, phone number for our own use only for updating you about new offers and marketing promotions. We accept your privacy and will never share with third party to misuse the information.
  4. If any student or teacher account is hacked, you must report in written to our email address or contact through our website contact form.
  5. We can also edit your profile and data for quality purposes and best services without notice.
  6. All the documents uploaded by teachers and students will remain confidential.
  7. We never allow teachers or students to talk on racial or religious discrimination and on blasphemous dialogues.
  8. Limited Warranties
  9. Careme Home Tutor warranty that the information provided by teachers and students are up to date and website will remain available 99.9 percent of the time.
  10. We can also stop this website without any notice to the users or explanation. We are not able to pay compensation to the teachers or students who totally rely on our website services.